Website Builders 2019


uKit is a site builder created by Russian company uKit Group. It was designed to create websites for sales and services. The website builder offers a hosting, a huge set of free templates, a lot of specialized widgets, and it is synchronized with many useful third-party services. You get everything you need for the successful implementation of your project.


  • Ideal platform for creating small sites;

  • Many templates;

  • Site template can be changed after site was created;

  • Premium plan for an affordable price;

  • All template are adapted to mobile screens;

  • Both manual and automatic back up;

  • Good set of blogging tools;

  • Create a website based on the social network page content;

  • Good customer support via email;

  • Useful FAQ blog section to speed up working with the website;

  • Simple and intuitive editor;

  • Drag and Drop;

  • Integration with Google Analytics;


  • Most of the templates look similar;

  • Poor customization opportunities;

  • Few communication options;

  • No HTML / CSS editor;

  • No customer template upload option.


  • Minimal - $5/mo;

  • Basic - $10/mo;

  • ecommerce - $12/mo;

  • Pro - $15/mo.


Wix is one of the most influential website builder reviews platforms. The service has been setting development trends for the entire niche for the last 12 years. Wix is a very popular tool for creating complex and well functioning business sites such as portfolio, a business card, a promotional page or a landing page.  It can offer a lot for creating successful blogs. Wix sites are easy to do and convenient to maintain. For online stores Wix can offer a well developed ecommerce component which includes good advanced tools such as Wix Corvid application.


  • Ample opportunity to customize the design;

  • Large number of small functional elements;

  • Wide range of additional functionality;

  • Ideal for creating small and medium-sized sites with complex design and functionality;

  • More than 250 applications;

  • Good for both beginners and professionals;

  • All options and widgets are explained;

  • Wix knowledge base;

  • Extensive selection of elements that can be added to the page;

  • Wix App store;

  • Wix Bookings to collect booking requests;

  • Wix Blog to connect your blog to site;

  • SEO-master for website promotion;

  • SSL certificate;

  • Visual editor.


  • Expensive and incomprehensible division of premium plans;

  • Overloaded interface may be the problem for beginners;

  • You can spoil the template, because the user has a lot of possibilities for editing;

  • Some applications in AppMarket work with errors;

  • Support is only provided in English.


  • Connect Domain - $3.75-5.95 / mo;

  • Combo - $7.58-10.95 / mo;

  • Unlimited - $11.41-15.95 / mo;

  • eCommerce - $14.79-19.90 / mo;

  • VIP - $23-30 / mo.


Web Hosting Hub is an American platform launched in 2001 which offers you over 310 free applications to set up a site. It’s a simple website builder with unlimited disk space and traffic. This service also provides access to 24-hour technical support from the USA and offers 90 days money back guarantee.

Web Hosting Hub is well designed for both beginners and experts. While site builder and virtual hosting is enough for beginners, it also provides a wide functionality for experts. Two data centers and more than 180 employees are involved to satisfy your needs for web hosting.


  • Easy-to-use editor;

  • All plans include full-featured web hosting with various useful features;

  • Good technical support;

  • Affordable prices;

  • 90 Day money back guarantee.


  • Backup requires extra cost;

  • Poor SEO tools, only the most basic functionality;

  • Limited options for websites on Spark plan;

  • No VPS.


  • Spark – $6.99/ mo for 1 year plan, $5.99/ mo for 2 years plan, $4.99/ mo for 3 years plan;

  • Nitro - $8.99/ mo for 1 year plan, $7.99/ mo for 2 years plan, $6.99/ mo for 3 years plan;

  • Dynamo- $10.99/ mo for 1 year plan, $9.99/ mo for 2 years plan, $8.99/ mo for 3 years plan.


The is a website building platform to create a beautiful website for your business that will make a great first impression on your customers, and they will want to come back to you again and again. has a great set of tools and functions to make your website look and operate exactly as you planned.


  • Get a website for your individual order for free;

  • A complete set of marketing tools to promote your website;

  • Affordable hosting services;

  • Decent website maintenance services;

  • Hundreds of beautiful templates;

  • Any element can be simply customized according to your tastes;

  • An extensive set of high-quality tools for SEO optimization;

  • Affordable price for 1st month.


  • Some premium services are quite expensive;

  • Perhaps the number of additional functions will seem too large;

  • High pricing rates.


  • 1st Month of Website Builder - $1.95 / mo;

  • After that - $22.95 / mo.


IMCREATOR is quite an unusual platform for building a website. Each template is a single-page layout. It provides some nice built-in features, such as social networking buttons, sliders, headings and a set of widgets.

The main feature is that this editor is not just drag and drop of elements, but it allows you to click and change anything in your chosen template to achieve the perfect realization of your idea. This site building service is something unique at the whole world of the website building platforms.


  • Clear and simple interface;

  • Guest account is enough to create a website;

  • Introduction video to understand the system fast;

  • Technical support 24/7 via email;

  • The final product is ideal for mobile devices;

  • The site can be easily exported to another hosting provider.


  • Slow performance;

  • No advanced marketing tools ;

  • No site analytics functionality;

  • Limited customization;

  • No options  for integration with social networks;

  • No access to live chat or phone customer  support.


  • Free plan - $0;

  • Premium - $ 9.95 /mo Biannual, $ 7.95 /mo 1-year, $ 6.95 /mo 2-Year, $ 5.95 /mo 3-ear;

  • Pro & Whitelable - $350 / Year.



Shopify is a Canadian company that focuses on the software for online and offline stores. SHOPIFY.COM was launched in 2006. Today it’s one of the most famous platform for online stores in the world, with over than 400,000 customers.

Shopify is a perfect service to create stores of varying degrees of complexity. It can be used by both beginners and very advanced users with the same success.


  • Supports many modern technologies such as augmented reality, Google Pay, sales through social networks;

  • Beautiful templates,

  • Wide  design customization opportunities;

  • Shopify mobile application;

  • Shopify POS to sell offline;

  • Unlimited products for all plans.

  • Powerful analytical and marketing tools;

  • Rich built-in application store;

  • Free courses for entrepreneurs available in English;

  • Effective marketing tools: discount codes and gift certificates etc;

  • A large number of applications to extend the functionality.


  • Commission is charged when making sales;

  • No mail hosting;

  • Requires a bit of technical knowledge;

  • All advanced features come with the high price;

  • No phone support for non-English speaking countries.


  • Basic Shopify - $29 / mo;

  • Shopify - $79 / mo;

  • Advanced Shopify - $299 / mo.


Volusion is a site builder that allows you to create online stores with catalog of items. In addition, the blogging function is implemented. The service is aimed at online sales; professional e-commerce tools are available. If necessary, you can use the paid services to create a unique online store. The intuitive interface allows you to understand the program without the involvement of webmasters, without special knowledge or skills. Due to the presence of the HTML editor, the designer is suitable for both users without coding skills to create unique pages, and programmers to speed up the work process.


  • Advanced e-commerce functionality;

  • CRM system, SEO tools;

  • HTML editor;

  • SSL User Certificates;

  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Amazon and eBay;

  • Paid Design Services;

  • Intuitive interface;

  • More than 300 design themes;

  • Well-organized interface.


  • Not all free themes are mobile optimized;

  • The Mini base plan has significantly reduced functionality;

  • Additional payments for exceeding the bandwidth limits.


  • Personal - $29/mo

  • Pro - $79/mo

  • Business - $299/mo

  • Prime - Custom pricing


Weebly is an American website building service, launched in 2007.  Using different widgets a person with zero site building experience can create a website with a few clicks only.

A great number of quality layouts look attractive and really up-to-date. The whole screen images, carefully selected fonts, nice colors are the key features of templates kindly offered by the Weebly team. It’s easy to edit them in the visual editor, if you need an individual design. It is a convenient and simple tool for creating beautiful business cards and shops.


  • Template preview;

  • Template can be changed at any time;

  • HTML/CSS editor;

  • Enough customization settings;

  • Good online store functionality;

  • Tools to export and import goods, setting;

  • Built-in promotion tools;

  • Statistics on automatic mailing results.

  • Cons:

  • Limited selection of themes;

  • Full online store functionality available for Business plan only;

  • Starter and Pro Weebly charge a commission of 3% from each transaction;

  • Minimal SEO settings.


  • Free plan - $0

  • Connect - $7 /mo billed monthly or $5 /mo billed yearly

  • Pro - $18 /mo billed monthly or $12 /mo billed yearly

  • Business - $35 /mo billed monthly or $25 /mo billed yearly

  • Business Plus - $46 /mo billed monthly or $38 /mo billed yearly


BigCommerce is well-known e-commerce platform. More than 95,000 users got their online stores made by BigCommerce. This service offers to sell products and process payments on online. You can easily create a good-looking, up and running project, without any site building background or coding knowledge and skills. It’s extremely easy to add your products, find customers and get the payments.


  • Good-looking, mobile responsive template;

  • Flexible taxation system;

  • Dropshipping options available;

  • Amazon Import and Link tool;

  • Wide functionality for managing online stores;

  • Unlimited quantity of goods;

  • No limits for bandwidth;

  • EBay, Amazon, Facebook, Google Shopping integration;

  • Manage online store via your mobile phone;

  • Good technical support service.


  • Not a cheap tool for small business;

  • Complicated Interface for beginners;

  • Small random bugs;

  • Only yearly billed payment.


  • Standard - $ 29.95 / mo;

  • Plus– $ 79.95 / mo;

  • Pro– $ 249.95 / mo;

  • Enterprise - custom pricing.


Yola is a multilingual website. It is a powerful website building platform when it comes to create blogs, simple websites or business cards. Even for beginners who do not have any programming skills site interface and functionality will be easy to use. . Friendly interface allows you to quickly understand and get to work, For Additional pay Yola offers e-mail hosting and an online store functionality to sell goods, including the digital ones.

Yola site is well structured to make it easy find exactly what user needs. All templates are grouped into categories for different activities. An empty template and HTML editor will be useful for programmers, webmasters, freelancers and designers to achieve a unique result.


  • Free plan available;

  • Sell both digital and physical goods;

  • Blank template and HTML editor;

  • Tumblr integration;

  • Unlimited number of pages;

  • Ecwid Application for ecommerce;

  • Mobile adaptive Templates for all plans;

  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter Social networks;

  • Available in-built site statistics;

  • Multilingual platform.


  • Online store functionality available only for paid plans;

  • Small set of templates;

  • No blogging tools;

  • SEO tools are not available for free plan;

  • Ecommerce functionality available for additional price.


  • Free - $0

  • Bronze - $6,95 /mo billed monthly or $4,95 /mo billed yearly;

  • Silver - $14,95 /mo billed monthly or $9,95 /mo billed yearly;

  • Gold - $29, 95 /mo billed monthly or $19, 95 /mo billed yearly.

What is a website builder?

Site builder is an online service or a software with which users can create separate web pages or entire web resources.

The main advantage of website builders is that there is no need for the user to have any knowledge of web programming.

Website builder allows you to create a full-fledged working resource for different purposes as quickly as possible, without the help of developers, depending on your needs and wishes.

Thanks to this service you will be able to get a ready site for further work within a few minutes. Creating your own resource by using a constructor is a modern and practical solution that minimizes time and material costs.

Also, such services are an integral part of many modern CMS, which makes it possible to use ready-made site templates that are customized to the tastes, desires and needs of users.

Website builders vs. hiring a web developer?

It is a very difficult to imagine a modern business without a website. Today, even freelancers are trying to create and promote their sites.

If you do not need a complex website structure - for example, a single landing page or a simple information portal is enough, you can create a website yourself in the website builder.

But if you are targeting a large project and you do not have knowledge in the field of web technology, you will have to look for a web developer.

That’s why for large and often medium business it makes sense to appeal to the experts who will create and maintain them a full-fledged professional web site.

The best option for a small business which doesn’t want to invest much money into their web resource is creating a site on their own with the help of the site builder.

Hiring a web developer is the choice of companies that want to get a high-quality and professional website, with unique design, convenient modules and original content.

The site builder is good option for people who are completely unfamiliar with web technologies and want to create simple landing pages or business card site.

Website builders for Who?

Website builders have many advantages. With their help, resources are created quickly. As a bonus bonus they function fast. An online website builder service will also help to save money on site development and maintenance. Sites created with Website builders are not suitable for everyone. But it can be a good option for those who have a limited budget at the beginning of the project. This kind of platforms is important tool for entrepreneurs who want to create a business card, photographers who need a portfolio, musicians, makeup artists and others.

For businesses that can afford to spend hundreds of thousands dollar to develop a site on a full-fledged CMS and another 20-30 thousand a month on a full-time maintenance there is no meaning to use website builders. Site created by professional has nothing in common with a single-page site created on any of site builder platform

For a small business, it makes sense to use well-known site designers. Thanks to them, small companies can save money on attracting a programmer and developing.

It’s really a perfect solution for a small business. The development team of this constructor is engaged in improving its general functionality and adding new modules, and you use the results of their work for your business.

Website builders work also if:

  • you do not need a site for business, but a personal blog or gallery;

  • you are not sure about the business idea and you want to check the demand;

  • The quality of the site doesn’t matter for your business.

How do you choose the best website builder?

If you decide to make a site on the website creation services, you need to find the best platform that meets your needs. There are some features you need to pay attention to:


First of all when choosing a site builder pay attention for the number of ready-made templates. It is extremely rare for users of site builders to create their own unique template; often the service doesn’t allow you to upload a custom template. Therefore, it is very important to understand whether you will be able to find a best solution for your needs. The template is the design of your future site. The template includes colors and basic fonts that will be used when filling, menu and content layout (text and pictures on the site), whether you will have a drop-down or static menu, whether your site will adjust to the width of the screen and other important interface features. Customization opportunities are usually limited. Somewhere you will only be allowed to place your logo in the header of the site and the company name with a fancy font. Other templates are more flexible, and allow you to move elements, change the color and font in the menu, etc. The more templates the site builder offers more chances that you will be able to find the design options to create your website. Check the availability of free and paid templates, and the terms of their use. In some constructors, all templates are free and available for any user. In others, some templates are offered for an additional payment. When choosing a site template, you need to be very careful about choosing a font as well.

Plugins and modules

Plug-ins, modules and extensions are different names for various add-ons that can be connected to the main core of the site. In fact, these are various additional features that may be needed in various cases. The more plugins are available in the site builder, the better. Since a large number of plug-ins increases the chances that you can realize all the features you want to see on your website. Extensions offer you additional functionality such as:

  • Feedback, customer record;

  • Online payment;

  • The current exchange rate, the weather in the region, the connection of other informers;

  • Photo gallery, forum, page for reviews and comments;

  • Adding online chat support and callback;

  • Forum, social network buttons and more.

CMS availability

CMS stands for Content Management Software. CMS allows you to work separately with the design of the site and with content. You can work with a large number of similar information blocks quickly and comfortably. You don’t need to create similar blocks one by one, you just copy and paste already created ones. Here you can decide for yourself which approach will be more convenient.

Working with pictures

Any of the existing site builders have the functionality for uploading your images to the site, illustrating pages and create photo galleries. The difference between them is:

  • The appearance of the photo gallery. It all depends on the plug-ins offered by the platform.

  • The quality of the photos on the site. Some site builders allow you to upload a photo to the hosting “as is”, even in the highest HD quality, others require the user to ensure that the photo size does not exceed certain parameters. If you need to post on the site some drawings or, for example, the results of 3D modeling, then photo optimization may be critical.

Site adaptability

Adaptability (adaptive design, adaptive layout) is a feature of the site to change the proportions and location of individual elements depending on which device it will be view. If you open a site that does not have an adaptive design on a small smartphone screen, it will simply be reduced in proportion to the screen size and will look exactly the same as on a large computer screen. Using this site is extremely inconvenient, and sometimes even impossible. Adaptive layout allows the site to change the location of the blocks depending on the screen size, control elements proportions so that they can be clicked, some blocks that do not contain important information may be move to the bottom of the page, etc. If you are interested in site visitors from tablets and mobile devices you need to use only adaptive templates.

Website promotion (SEO)

Almost all site builders promise a perfect promotion in search engines and fast promotion. In fact, the success of your progress will be determined by the quality of your content, the literacy of the approach to the needs and demands of your target audience, other factors that are not related to the features of the site builder.

Interaction with social networks

If you are planning to promote your website and your business is using social networks, make sure that the site builder you choose has interaction with social networks you are interested in.

Simplicity and convenience of working with the designer

This moment is very important, first of all, for inexperienced users. The system should be simple and clear for you, so that you can create a site. Today, many services offer “visual site editors”, in which you will be able to place various blocks on the pages using the mouse and keyboard in the “what you see, will be on the site” mode. See what happens, fix it in the same convenient and intuitive visual mode.

Site speed

This parameter is also often indicated on website builders among their advantages. In fact, it makes sense to pay attention to this parameter only if you look at the sites created in this designer, and you understand that the pages loading are really slowly. Usually all the sites made on site builders load the pages quickly enough for users to wait for the full load.

Some handy tips for finding the best website builder

  1. It’s better to try few site builders before you make your final choice. You can use the trial period or free plan to try all needed functionality yourself. Otherwise it can be hard to find out which platform is right for your ideas and needs.

  2. Think of the main functionality required for your future site - all of that features must be in the site builder.

  3. If the main features are ok, look at the extras.

  4. If you plan to promote the site, the website builder platform should provide all necessary tools for SEO, check if it is possible to connect custom domain;

  5. Have a looks at all templates, fonts, colors. Is there what you need for YOUR project?

  6. If you want to customize the template check whether you can make any changes to the site code

  7. Check if there is a backup in the default constructor. This useful feature will allow you to quickly restore the site to the last working state.

  8. Check if the integration with external systems is available - with payment systems, delivery services, etc., you may need some.

  9. And the last – check how the customer support services work. Is there a detailed documentation on working with the designer or training videos? How quickly and clearly technical support answers your questions?

The best option for your industry

There are a lot of website builders but you need to choose one. A person who is far from all this can be difficult to figure out.

The best website builder for small business

Imcreator is a perfect tool for small business. It offers enough options and functionality to create a business card, portfolio or a single-page site that can be customized according to personal needs.

The best blogging system

Ukit offers the best tools for blogging. After adding a blog, you can set publication options, for example: you can postpone a publication, add the author’s name, select SEO settings, integrative social networking buttons, add videos and images to publications etc.

The best website builder for photographers  will be useful for photographers; artists, designers, makeup artists, musicians, stylists; writers, journalists, bloggers, fashion designers; all whose activities are related to creativity and self-realization.

The overall design of the platform is inspiring, helping to implement cunning ideas from a technical and / or design point of view.

The best ecommerce website builder

There are no doubts that BigCommerce is the number 1 e-commerce platform on the market. Except the high-quality and beautiful free templates, you get wide functionality for managing online stores, Amazon Import and Link tool, EBay, Amazon, Facebook, Google Shopping integration opportunities, Unlimited products and much more.

One more great platform to set and run an online store is Shopify. If you are looking for an all-in-one ecommerce solution Shopify platform will be a good for you as well.

The best professional website builder platform

Web Hosting Hub is well designed for both beginners and experts. It has a lot to offer for experts. Two data centers and more than 180 employees are involved to satisfy your needs for web hosting. The service doesn’t limit your creativity so that the final product will look exactly how you want it to look like.

The best mobile website builder offers mobile adaptive templates for all plans that will look beautiful on any screen. Created sites have an adaptive design and do not require a separate development of mobile options - website will be compatible with all mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.).

The best drag and drop website builder

UKIT is an excellent platform for creating websites without any programming knowledge; you just drag and drop the element into the part of template.


  1. Can I build my first website alone?

Yes. To work with the site builder you don’t need to know either the html-code or programming languages, everything is simple and as clear as possible.

  1. How much does it cost to launch a website from start to finish?

If you need a single-page personal site, site business card or portfolio, using a website constructor you can create your personal site without spending any cent. But if you need to add advanced features you will need to buy a paid plan according to the plan system that offers your site builder platform.

  1. What is Drag-and-drop editor?

Drag’n’Drop is a type of interface which let you just capture an element with the mouse and place it where you want. Some time ago it was a remarkable discovery in the field of interfaces which made it possible to simplify a large number of operations making the interface more user-friendly and the overall process of site building fast and understandable for any user.

  1. What is a Domain name?

A domain name – it’s a site name, a specific letter combination denoting the site name or mailbox names.

  1. What are the Disadvantages of site builder?

  1. Design. Creating a website on an online platform you get a template design that you can’t change (sometimes partially). You do not get a unique site with a unique design. There can be thousands of sites with same design as yours.

  2. The inability to edit the code manually. It is often impossible to edit the generated HTML code of such a site, as it is oversaturated with tags, styles and other elements.

  3. Structure. The structure of the site is also limited by the template or the site builder program. If you have your own idea of what need to be on your site and in what sequence, then here you can meet some difficulties.

  4. Attachment to the site builder platform. Very often created sites are tied to a site builder platform forever. If you want to move your site to another server or even a separate site, you may not be able to do it.

  5. Monthly fee. Creating websites on online designers you will forever become attached to sites that can change the pricing policy in their own way anytime.

  6. Opportunities for expansion. Website builders do not provide a full opportunity for the integration of software modules, etc. You can connect only what is offered on the site.

  7. Promotion. Some sites offer opportunities to promote sites created on their platform. Of course, the possibilities of advancement are limited, but they exist. For small sites, it’s often enough, but such restrictions can significantly affect search results, this will affect the attendance of your resource.

  1. What are the types of website builders?

In general, the site builder is any tool that allows you to create a site without writing code. Site builders are divided into two types:

  • SAAS (cloud solutions), when all the functionality necessary for work is on the developer's server. All sites that are created using these site builders are hosted by developers.

  • Standalon (standalone solutions). In this case, the user receives a design program on some carrier or downloads to his computer. And then before you start working with the site, this constructor needs to be installed (copied) to the hosting.

This kind of site building is usually harder for users, since you will need to download a special program to create websites on your computer, then choose and buy hosting yourself, figure out what ftp is, what passwords and settings you need to send the site from computer to server, etc.  That is why beginners more easy ways. In addition, some CMS also offer components for creating websites, which is called "lines of code", but still, it is important to understand that in order to use them you need to install the platform, choose hosting, and install plugins, which is difficult for an unprepared person.