Niche, How To Choose The Best One For You!

Choosing A Niche

 A niche is choosing a topic and narrowing it down to a more specific product, driven by audience,which in this case is people surfing the internet.

At this time you do not want to pick a domain name yet. You want your domain name to be relevent to your content.  You don’t know this yet, because you have not decided on a niche.  When you go to aquire your domain name, you want to try using a keyword in it.   Choosing the best niche for you is the first step to achieving a successful website for profiting.

The best way to choose your niche would be  to sit down with a piece of paper, take a few notes, then think about all you know of the subject. Write down something you are passionate about. Whether it be a hobby you enjoy,  something you always wanted to learn more about and would be enthused to learn more, or if you are extremely knowledgable in your field of work and would like to share your knowledge with a new audience. If you are having trouble deciding on a niche, ask your family and friends for advice.

Remember, when choosing your niche, you will have to be capable of writing your very own rich content.  That is why it is so important to take your time and plan ahead before just clicking. 

Once you have a concrete decision about your niche,  the second step of the process is going to be choosing keywords.  Keywords  are very important for several reasons!  For one, your audience will be finding you by typing these few keywords into their web browser. Most importantly, these keywords are how the search engines, like google, will rank your website. If you are having trouble with keywords, ask your family and friends what word would they use to find your niche on the internet.

There are two types of keywords. For example, a single keyword could be,  fishing, but then you can also have a long tail keyword.  Examples of a long tail keyword would be fishing tips or fishing in Canada.  It is good to know the two types. When you research your keywords with a keyword tool, fishing, for example, is highly competitive, but if you add the word tips to the end of it, the competition is low.  The lower the competition the better chances you have at getting your audience or traffic to your website.

Keyword tools can greatly help!  There are many benefits with these tools!  They can give you other alternative words or phrases to use.  The keyword tool can determine how many people are actually searching for these words or phrases.  Remember, if nobody is looking for those words or phrases, you will never get traffic.  No traffic, no profit. All of your hard work will not be worth anything!

Below I am sharing with you an excellent keyword tool.  It has worked for me over and over again! Not only does it help with keywords, but it has an additional 20 plus tools. I cannot say enough about this tool. It helps you create articles, download videos, create traffic and so much more. With this tool there will be no need to waste money hiring a SEO company for thousands of dollars!  You will be able to manage all on your own.   

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